Monday, January 10, 2022

State Tournament (Hopefully) Resumes March 2022!

The message below is from Mike Nietman:

"Per UW-Oshkosh mandates, masks must be worn inside all university buildings. They will also be a parking charge for overnight parking. See the flyer for details and a link to pre-pay. You’ll need the license plate of the vehicle you bring. So obtain that first if bringing a school vehicle.
We will be back at Reeve Union again this year. The K-5 and K-8 playing room will be room 202. The Varsity and JV will be in the ballroom. Team rooms are available in Reeve Union. See below and the flyer for whom to contact for those. There is also an open sitting area on the second floor in the front of the building as well. In addition the cafeteria seating area on the lower level will be open to us.
The TD backroom is in room 221. Wallcharts and standings for all sections will be placed in that room. At this time Luke Ludwig will not be vending at the event.
Varsity teams need to read the flyer carefully as many changes that were agreed upon at the 2019 coach’s meeting are taking place. First there is only one section so you don’t need to declare to move up a division. All teams will be eligible to win the title and travelling trophy. Teams will be divided into three divisions based on team rating for prize purposes (not for pairing). Also, the first two rounds will use accelerated pairings. (The strangest part of that is that there will be some first round winners playing first round losers in the second round.)
I have available the online registration system used by the WCA. The link is There will be one site for the individual JV, K-8 and K-5 sections and another site for the varsity if we can get it to work properly. I will accept e-mail and snail mail entries as usual. For snail mail entries, please use the entry form on page 5 of the flyer and mail the form with a check to the address at the top of that page. If you e-mail the entries, please include everything on the entry form. Use Excel if you have a large team. Entries will be posted on the starting about a month before the event. That site has the some of the more modern history of the event including several crosstables of past events. To check US Chess ratings go to
Please use the entry form. If you use other forms (e.g. Excel), please include ALL items from the entry form including US Chess ID numbers and ratings if your players have one. If written on paper, please write legibly.
A limited number of team rooms are available at both Reeve Union and Gruenhagen Conference Center. Please contact Reeve Reservations at 920-424-2435 or for team rooms there. For team rooms at Gruenhagen contact Sarah Martin Kriha at 920-424-1121.
Lodging is available at Gruenhagen Conference Center. Please call 920-424-1106 to make reservations. Lodging room checks need to be made out to UW-Oshkosh. Details are on the flyer. Note that room rates are $40 + 10% room tax this year.
Waupaca High School is running the bughouse event Saturday night in the varsity playing room. Details are on the flyer. Note that neither I nor my TD’s have any additional information on this event. There is a link on the flyer for more information and I also include it here:
Note also there will not be any Friday night activities this year. Also, I am not planning on having a master simul Saturday night.
Let me know if you have any questions.
We’ll see you in Oshkosh!
Mike Nietman
Tournament Organizer

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