Sunday, March 13, 2022

Parking at Reeve, Other Notes

To all: My UW-O contact has informed me that they are starting some road construction on campus this week. See her note below:
Road construction begins this week on the UW-O campus. The construction begins this week on Pearl Avenue by the Student Rec & Wellness Center, but will eventually shut down Algoma Blvd. We do not know where the progress will be by the time of the chess tournament. High & Algoma may or may not be as they are now. High will eventually be 2-way, and Algoma will eventually be blocked.
I spoke with Parking, and they told me guests staying at Gruenhagen and parking in the ramp may be best coming in from Wisconsin Avenue and then turning onto Pearl, then Osceola. For those coming only for the day to Reeve, it may be best for them to park in Lot 34 off of Elmwood Avenue. Lot 15 may or may not be accessible. I have attached a map for reference.

< Folks staying overnight at Gruenhagen and parking a vehicle will still need to purchase a permit via: Click on: Purchase a Permit

Please note that their parking system does not issue a printable permit but rather stores your vehicle information in their system.
Just a reminder that the advertised mask wearing mandate is in effect. This applies to all contracted and public areas of Reeve Union and Gruenhagen Conference Center. For those schools that rent team rooms at Reeve or Gruenhagen or lodging rooms at Gruenhagen, they may set their own rules for those rooms. Similar to what US Chess has on their websites for nationals If you are unable or unwilling to comply, do not attend.
Entries may be viewed here on the right side of this blog page. Check there to see if I have your registration received and processed. Check the spelling of your player’s names as well.
The Early Bird registration deadline has passed but of course you can still register.
If snail mailing your entry, please use the entry form on page 5 of the flyer and mail the form with a check to the address at the top of that page. Make sure I get the snail mail entries by Thursday. If you e-mail the entries, please include everything on the entry form. Ideally, use Excel if you have a large team. Online registration for all sections is available at then scroll down to the Wisconsin Chess Association section. Note the separate links for the varsity section and the three individual sections: K-5, K-8 and JV (K-12).
When entering the tournament remember to include US Chess ID’s and ratings for your players who have a US Chess ID. The March supplement is available online. Go to and enter the player’s name.
FRIDAY NIGHT REGISTRATION: For anyone arriving Friday night, please take care of any registration changes, updates or payments Friday night. I’ll be in the Conference Room on the main level of Gruenhagen after I’ve set up the other rooms. This room is located near the Library Room.

SATURDAY MORNING REGISTRATION: All Saturday morning entries and changes will need to be made at Reeve Union Room 221 which is the vendor/TD Backroom. In order to start on time, please make every effort to arrive by 8:30 am in the event there are changes or additions to your roster. If you just need to make a payment, you may wait until after the first round starts.

Remember also that if you plan to stay at Gruenhagen Conference Center to make your reservations by calling 920-424-1106. There is a Friday, March 11 cutoff for reservations to guarantee that your team will stay together on the same floor. After that time, GCC will make their best attempt to accommodate your request. Gruenhagen started charging a 10% city room tax atop the $40 room rate. If you are entering from a school, you’ll need to bring a sales tax exemption certificate along with you to avoid paying this tax.

Reeve Union reports that the MarketPlace on the first floor will have their Sub Connection open at 8:30 am- 1:30 pm both days. Their Pizza Hut will be open 11 am – 1:30 pm both days.

Their Titan Underground (TUG) in the lower level of Reeve will be open 10 am – 2 pm both days. The TUG has limited food options but has TV’s and game tables for between round recreation.

The Corner Convenience Store will be open during the hours of 9 am – 3 pm each day.

For information on the Saturday night bughouse tournament see

Note that the bughouse event is run by Mr. Fay of Waupaca HS. The main event’s tournament directors do not know anything about this side event.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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